Maternity + Beyond

Welp, if you’re visiting this page, it probably means you’re expecting – congratulations!! It’s an exciting, busy, and possibly overwhelming time of your life. Probably the last thing on your mind is getting in front of the camera since adding a baby bump – BUT, I’m here to tell you that you SHOULD and can document this thrilling part of your life all while looking FABULOUS – trust me!! (Hair and make-up available for extra charge.)


I prefer to shoot maternity sessions between 32-35 weeks to ensure we’re not creeping up TOO close on your due date. Plus, at that point in your pregnancy, you (hopefully) aren’t too uncomfortable yet and up for showing off your fabulous maternity style! 


Not only do I shoot maternity sessions, I also LOVE and suggest that you look into a “We’re Expecting” session AND/OR a “Pink or Blue” session! Yep, they sound just as they are – let’s get together for a fun, quick, and unique session to let the world know that you are having a BABY! I have about a zillion thoughts in my head everyday on new, innovative ideas to break the news – so let’s chat!

The “Pink or Blue” session consists of slicing open a cake, popping balloons, simply opening up a piece of paper with the baby’s gender, OR something completely different and exciting that we come up with.


Trust me, you’ll want to get your faces and expressions documented when you first find out if you’ll be bringing a baby boy or baby girl home from the hospital. These sessions are SO much fun and are completely un-rehearsed, candid sessions with TONS, and I mean tons, of emotion! Feel free to invite friends, family, heck, throw a party for either session – I’ll be there to capture it all! For more information, please click here.