KNOT-TIED: Katie + Chris // Rustic Oaks Wedding Photographer

Katie and Chris’ gorgeous Rustic Oaks wedding was an absolute pleasure to be apart of! I loved all of the little details that went into their day, the rustic decorations, and the love I saw throughout the day between Katie, Chris, their son Jack, and both families. We had a tornado scare, chance of rain all day, and a host of flies that followed us, but none of those reasons could shake the smile from Katie and Chris! We had a gorgeous backdrop and got to use the beautiful Rustic Oaks grounds to capture important parts of the day! Katie is one of the nicest and most caring people I’ve worked with and I love how she is always thinking of others – she is truly selfless. I couldn’t get enough of their hysterical and clearly adorable son, Jack! He was such a great helper and as you’ll see below, was my second shooter helping me capture the day through his own lens 🙂 So much can be said about this fantastic wedding, but I’ll let you see for yourself how Katie + Chris’ June wedding unfolded. Enjoy!

IMG_3462 IMG_6061 IMG_6060

IMG_3787bw IMG_3757bw

IMG_3929bw IMG_3963a IMG_3854BW


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IMG_3697 IMG_3638


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IMG_5654a IMG_5674a IMG_5702bw IMG_6150a IMG_6177bw IMG_6194a IMG_6206bwIMG_6238aIMG_6280aIMG_6336aIMG_6451bwIMG_6455bwIMG_6490bwIMG_3483IMG_3664IMG_3801IMG_6540IMG_6568IMG_6529aIMG_6561bwIMG_6747bwIMG_6751bwIMG_6778bwIMG_6792aIMG_6838aIMG_6878bwIMG_6922aIMG_6983a


Congratulations to the newlyweds – I’m so glad I had to opportunity to work with you both and your amazingly supportive and enjoyable families 🙂

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