ENGAGED: Katie + Paul // Fargo Engagement Photographer

It was such a beautiful night we had to capture Katie + Paul’s engagement session! The lighting was perfect, the temperature was ideal, and Katie + Paul’s love for each other was so apparent. These two are so adorable together and just really fit together so well. I was friends with Paul in college, so when I found out he was engaged, I was so excited to potentially be their photographer! After talking with his fiance, Katie, we totally hit it off and I knew this was going to be one of those couples that I just clicked with! We had an awesome time chatting about their engagement in Florida, the plans they have for their wedding, and how they’ll be moving to Wisconsin soon after they get married next Spring! I already can’t wait for their big day next April, but until then, enjoy these gorgeous images of this incredibly attractive couple! Congrats Katie + Paul!!

IMG_3683a IMG_3719bw IMG_3767a IMG_3819bw IMG_3960a IMG_4026a IMG_4082bw IMG_4097a IMG_4125bw IMG_4197a IMG_4207a IMG_4230a IMG_4239a IMG_4251a IMG_4253a IMG_4296a IMG_4394bw IMG_4431bw IMG_4452a IMG_4511a IMG_4571a IMG_4680a IMG_4759a IMG_4962bw IMG_5045a See? I told you they are good-lookin’!