KNOT-TIED: Megan + Mitch // Fargo Wedding Photographer

I’m SO happy to finally share some of the most gorgeous images I captured all summer! Megan + Mitch’s beautiful (and humid!!) wedding was such a fun, uplifting day. These two have been engaged for over 3 years and definitely were ready to get married! Every single little detail in their day was planned out and thought out to a T. The flowers, centerpieces, and wedding attire were incredibly classic looking and meshed SO well together! Megan is truly a beauty and one of the most considerate and genuine brides I’ve ever worked with. She is always making sure everyone around her is enjoying themselves and I had to remind her that it was HER day and that everyone was concerned with how her day was going 🙂 To jump sides, Mitch and his HYSTERICAL groomsmen were the life of the party! They have all been friends forever and had more inside jokes and laughs than I care to count! Bottom line, I drove home from their wedding smiling ear to ear reminiscing about the fabulous day had by all. Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Ibach – you both deserve nothing but the best! Enjoy these images to relive your perfect day 🙂


I have a feeling it’s going to be a great week — 80+ degrees all week!!