TOTS: Lainey // Fargo Family Photographer

I’ve got a double-header for you all today! Since we did Lainey’s 9 month session in the fall for Christmas cards, I wanted to wait to post any until after Christmas. Well, clearly, life got a little away from me, so I decided since we were doing her one-year-old session in February, that I would compile all of the ADORABLE pictures of Miss Lainey in one HUGE blog post! And here we are 🙂 It has been so fun to see Lainey grow up these last 6 months and watch her learn so many different things along the way. I love doing  milestones package sessions to show the growth and change every 3 months of a baby. I’m definitely going to miss seeing Lainey so often 🙂 Enjoy!!

And for her adorable one-year-old session!!

Happy 75 degree Sunday in March 🙂